If you're a birder, you'll know what a life list is. It's basically a list of all the bird species one has observed and positively ID'd in one's lifetime. This blog is a record of my "critter" life list (mostly of birds), including photos I've taken over the years, some of the actual lifer if I was lucky enough to get the shot. Don't expect National Geographic quality stuff here, just the work of an amateur photog who loves to trudge out into nature.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Wood Pigeon (Columba palumbus)

6/4/17 Italian Garden, Bible College of Wales, Swansea, SW coast of Wales, UK


COMMON NAME: Wood Pigeon

SPECIES: Columba palumbus

FAMILY: Columbidae (Pigeons & Doves)


LOCATION: Italian Garden, Bible College of Wales, Derwen Rawr Rd., Sketty, Swansea, SW coast of Wales, UK

From The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Birds of the World, by David Alderton:
Distribution: Most of Europe except N. Scandinavia and Iceland, ranging eastward into Asia. Also present in NW Africa. 

Habitat: Areas with tall trees.

ID: Relatively large-sized with grey head and metallic-green area at nape of neck and characteristic white patches on the sides. Bill is reddish at the base, becoming yellow towards the top; purplish breast. tip of tail is black; white edging to wings most apparent in flight. Sexes alike. 

Frequents parks with established stands of trees; can be significant agricultural pests in farming areas. Calls are surprisingly loud and often uttered soon after dawn. 

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